Looking at DnD balance, the player can't even reach level 5. Which means you are weak, a nobody, and will have a hard time in encounters (Be social or combat).
- Mostly DnD players are used to failure in this early levels, it is expected. (Game starts hard and get easier when you are strong)
- It is also normal for DnD players to dislike the early levels and begin the adventure at 5th level
- Even when you do all correctly, the Critical Failure will strike, and you will have to adapt.

Looking at PC single player game, it is hard to newcommers not used to failure, they will savescum their way to success, as failure is just "time lost".
- Mostly gamers in this spectrum are accostumed to a ramping difficulty, starting easy, and getting harder. (Game starts easy, and you become powerful as the challenges get harder)
- It is common to save scum in order to get the desired outcome.
- If you do all correclty, the expected outcome is always the same.

Possible solutions:
- Easier difficult to the game with lower DC
- Separate the Social and Combat difficulties to meet different standards
- Lower the Social DC as a whole in the ares up to level 4.

Downside to choose the difficulty:
- Some people will expect to be able to cope with harder difficulties, and whine when they can't.