If this wasn't an issue,
Larian wouldn't have posted an official message to players to "please don't savescum, have fun experiencing failure", like that is a message that resonates with the human spirit lol.
And yes, I'm assuming savescumming is 99% the situation. If you think it's not the case, I have nothing to tell you, you're being deliberately blind..
As soon as larian release analytics about this, you'll see it's the truth.

Go on BG3 forums, see how people are talking about how to minimize savescumming using skills etc. in every situation. Savescumming is the game. It's actually become a game mechanic in this game because of this design. It's a shit design.

That is why I suggest the D:OS way, which simply avoids it altogether, where successes are locked behind long-term decisions.
You automatically succeed/fail on checks according to your
1) race
2) backstory
3) basic stats
4) skills
5) proficiencies
6) spells
7) companions
8) items in inventory
9) character class
10) past choices in the game
There are so many factors that can be taken into account that I think it'll still guarantee a unique experience through the game each time.

That said, this also is not a good solution necessarily, given the gravity of some choices in the game (little girl murdered or little girl saved) so in this case some choices should probably be taken away in order to refine the story. That situation with Kagha should probably be re-written entirely, to happen later and under specific conditions (like, if the player agrees with her that the tieflings are pests and vermin, or if the player chooses to oppose her and fight, then the girl tries to run away and gets bitten, etc, while if the player brings in the real druid the situation is avoided etc).

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