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For me it’s DOS3. End of story.

I use to say that I used to rage against people saying that BG3 is DOS3
Now I’m their friend

World full of meaningless items
Color palette
Word full of containers
Battle based in environment and not in class
Height rules
Forced multiple actions per turn by breaking the rules
Babysit customer with bedrolls
Save scum
Quantity over quality

Well, I could spend some time listing what I’ve disliked about it.

I agree with many of these criticisms (ie. I *HATE* the convoluted DOS2 loot/item system), but to say "end of story" in early early access is beyond silly. The obvious imbalance from virtually unrestricted rest can't be allowed to stand and Larian must surely know this. Let me address a few of your points:

"Height rules" - assume you mean the ease of getting advantage with ranged attacks from a height advantage? If so, *vehemently disagree*! It is an easily understandable tactic that makes maneuvering/mobility important and combat more interesting. It is a way to adjust difficulty of combat without necessarily introducing stronger enemies.

"Save scum" - can be fixed to some degree by disallowing saves in the middle of combat or even introducing "save stations".

"Beach" - grasping at straws here with your criticisms here. Would think the lack of a proper "day-night cycle" would be a much more glaring "DOS3" deficiency. The original BG had a more realistic system and this feels like a big step down. This is exacerbated by the storyline hinting at illithid tadpoles being ticking time bombs and Gale having an additional explosive orb in his chest on allegedly a timer. You have no sense of the passage of time and you have no sense of whether this is a leisure stroll in the park or if you're actually pressed for time. Besides, introducing day-night cycle would be another layer of tactical combat, something Larian normally excel at. Win-win. This issue will detract from the game unless addressed.

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Can someone explain to me why people dislike dip bonus action? How is it supposed to work and why is the current implementation bad?

1. Not in D&D rules.
2. Implementation is unrealistic, unbalanced and a chore to repeat every combat. Ie. having an perpetually burning candle in the inventory you can drop for free and dip for a bonus action - doubling your base damage with dual-wielded daggers.

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