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I've just rolled a Seldarine drow Ranger (yeah I know - but in my defense there's a hairstyle I really love in Alana's mod and my Wizard was half elf).

So with no particular wish to do good we set off to druid grove:
- told Zevlor to feck off

- asked around where the f*** is the healer - were told to check out Nettie

- met Kahga - told her to quit prattling about tieflings cause again couldn't care less, rolled persuade just because it never suceeds but it somehow did and we even saved Arabella

- checked out Nettie and intimidated her not to poison us -learned Halsin actually knows something about tadpoles and judging by his diaries a lot of other stuff so as Astarion put it "with that merry song in our hearts" we set off to find him

- met Ethel - told her everything - you know for fun as Astarion suggested

- met Sazza - couldn't really care if she gets shot, certainly not putting my life on the line there, complimented Arka on her shot

- met True soul Edowin, told those two imbeciles we we're from the ship as we wanted to learn their motives having said they're looking for us and they didn't really look as they could have presented a threat, proceeded to kill them

- befriended goblins, checked out Gut who didn't even know about tadpoles, tried to poison me and then attacked, proceeded to kill her

- found Minthara who again is totally clueless about the tadpole AND a Lolth drow (or is she still?) so definitely not going to bow to a Lolth drow - proceeded to kill her too!

- found Halsin (everyone was mentioning bear - Rath for one and we're not stupid) and as we've already killed two out of three leaders and you know we were already IN THE CAMP (didn't even have to walk anywhere) plus he said he'd help we proceeded to kill Razglin too

- well Astarion then suggested it'd be fun if we just killed them all, so we did

Now are we actually good? I was going for chaotic neutral but whole my motivations may differ the end result is the same as with my good aligned wizard.

Because while I may be CN/E I'm certainly not chaotic stupid which would be required of me to cooperate with that drivel of Absolute, which I know for a fact are out to get us and are totally oblivious of any tadpoles, so what help can I possibly expect of them?

On the other side I've got a renowned healer, whom I've just stumbled upon in the camp and who I know for a fact studied the tadpole, only asking me to kill that one person?

What do I stand to gain in the first scenario?

Lol honestly your adventures reminds me of this skit.