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Yes, that is normal. Okay.. That is again, something else.

Okay, quick dual wielding: Anyone can do it, but it is severely limited at first:

1. It costs a bonus action. [per RAW, one must make a main hand attack first, butin BG3 this is not the case]
2. You can only use light weapons.
3. Ability modifiers aren't added

You can augment it:
1. Two weapon fighting style [Fighter, Ranger] - Adds the ability score modifier
2. Dual Wielding Feat [anyone] - +1 AC for second weapon, and can wield non-light [1H] weapons.

[ In BG3, if you *have* a bonus action and just attack, it does it in one go, so yes, you attack with both weapons in one go, but you'll spend both an aciton and bonus action. ]

Okay thanks. However it is supposed to work it currently does not in BG3. My 4th level thief's regular action attack rolls for both the main hand and offhand weapon. I also get two bonus action attacks every round for four total. As an aside I do not have dual fighting style and my ability modifiers are still added to my bonus attacks. In my off hand I use the broken flail from the Flind leader. The damage is 1D6+5 (+2 weapon and +3 dam from str). It also procs a 1D6 heal from every hit even from my main hand weapon so I often auto self heal 4d6 per round. I assume these will be fixed long before release.

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