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"Height rules" - assume you mean the ease of getting advantage with ranged attacks from a height advantage? If so, *vehemently disagree*! It is an easily understandable tactic that makes maneuvering/mobility important and combat more interesting. It is a way to adjust difficulty of combat without necessarily introducing stronger enemies.

Easily understandable does not equal good. It promotes samey combat where without fail the best strategy is to get the high ground each and every time and stay there. If you can't get the high ground, it sucks because it's harder to hit the enemies and easier for the enemies to fight you. I really, really wish people who keep saying that they love advantage for high ground would realize that it sucks when you're the one on the low ground.

One thing you do not want in a hundred hour game with lots of combat is for it all to feel the same. But it's pretty likely with fire, barrels, AoE's and surfaces everywhere and high ground/backstab advantage.

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"Save scum" - can be fixed to some degree by disallowing saves in the middle of combat or even introducing "save stations".

Both of those are terrible ideas, because it is forcing players to play a certain way.