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what about all the D&D stuff the game is doing very well

And what would that be?

Classes, races, spells, monsters, combat, the feel of a D&D world, skill checks, dice rolls, ability to approach combat & interaction in many different ways. There is so much to like in this game & we are only a month into early access.

I accept that there are some changes required & I accept that the more hard core D&D players want a perfect rendition right out of the box - that aint gonna happen & has never happened.

But for my part Im a fan of D&D first & foremost even though i stopped playing a long time ago - creating a D&D world that I can play & getting as close as we can to a tabletop version within the confines of a video game (& the developers vision, budgets, timeframes etc) is what i want.

Stuff can be debated but the amount of people who throw their toys out & hate on a game because it isnt a perfect vision - i dont think those people are objective enough & understand the commercial reality. I believe we are very lucky its Larian Studios taking this head on ..and no im not a Larian fanboy ive not played one of their games - but i appreciate their vision & passion from what I see at this early stage.

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