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of course it 'feels like' Divinity Original Sin 2-- to think that it wasn't going to is asinine.

All of you are forgetting SIMPLE FACTS;
1) Wizards of the Coast chose Larian because they loved DoS2 and WANTED their IP to be handled by the same company.
2) Larian Studios made DoS2 and are making BG3 using assets (engine, code, art, etc) from DoS2
3) BG1 and BG2 were made on OLD technology, were based on a different ruleset, made by a different development team, and most importantly WERENT EVEN TURN BASED (real time with pause is not a substitute for turn based).

these facts should have made it overwhelmingly clear that BG3 was going to be VERY different than 1 & 2. Likewise it should stand to reason that if you did not like DoS2 you will probably not enjoy this game either, you should have considered that BEFORE spending your money.

I get that there are plenty of people out there that are fans of D&D (old editions and new) that want a true rules as written game, but to expect that from this again is pretty stupid. To reiterate see point 1 above- WotC chose Larian.

Simple fact is also that we are the clients-we can ask for the game we wan't to play. Like what's wrong with a desire to play genuine BG3 game instead of a DOS reskin in Forgotten Realms ?

Simple, really, define "genuine BG3". This is the first time the game's been made, so it's not like we can point to the "actual" BG 3 and say "make it like this one". BG 3 will not make or break the 5e system, so that's not it, and for those of us that quit TT gaming with the introduction of 4e, or those that never played TT, it's irrelevant to whether we'll enjoy the game or not. So that's not "genuine BG 3" either. If I had to point to something, right now, that was, it would be this game. Why? Because it's the actual BG 3.