it's nice to talk with someone who accept a different opinion.
It gives me the opportunity to moderate my point of view.
Because, this is not like if I was radically against the roll-dice (I mean, I played a looooot of game, especially rpgs) but here it feel really random and not fun.
There are times where I could accept failures but there are more times when it just feel... not fun and most unfair.
I... Ok, I though (pretty sure I write it bad... think with past grammar) I was familiar with D&D but maybe I'm not because when peoples said "it's like is in D&D" it doesn't satisfy my unsatisfaction. So i guess I don't really care about D&D and more about how I feel playing the game.
And I swear I could live with this roll-dice if it was.... better.
For now, it feels random (but like reaaaaaaally random) and I feel... powerless.
I'm the kind of guy who put everything in charisma and socials skills cause I love to resolve conflict by talking as I love to understand the others.
But in this game, it feels like I had no charisma, no social skills. And this is why the explanation about the D&D and +2,3,4, etc didn't ring a bell for me.
After my first game I just thought "damn so many skills points and charisma points wasted"

So maybe I don't understand D&D system at all, but... I don't care. I just focus on the feelings the game gives me. And with this actual roll-dice system, the feeling is wrong (and yeah, the kids killed cause I failed my persuasion was just... out of nowhere... like "shit all the points I spent in charisma and social skills are actually a penality"... But this is not the only case. So maybe the problem isn't only in the roll-dice but also in the... perfectionnable dialogue junctions...)

And so, yeah, for now, I would like to have some options who make me feel that I can be, indeed, socially skilled (which need more than a +4 onr my roll-dice...)

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