Demoulius, I'm sry I didn't read all your last post but it's for a good reason I hope you will understand.
You absolutely don't get the point about this thread.

Here is why I stopped to read after 4 or 5 points...
You said :
Originally Posted by Demoulius

1. Choice of color palette. I mean.... Ok? Bg 1 and 2 were pretty dark in a lot of places. Why is this a complaint exactly?

This post is NOT ABOUT COMPLAIN, it's about showing what didn't feel like BG. This is not about COMPLAINING, this is about RECORDING what make BG3 not feel like a BG-game.

So you should have said : "1. Choice of color palette. I mean.... Ok." and that's all, cause there is nothing more to say.
I did somthing funny. I search the word "complain" in your post. You used it more than 20 times
How many times the OP used it in his post ? Not even once.
Did you get it ? Most of your post is off-topic and most of it just confirm what the OP said.

You are completely this guy who wants to convince us to like tomatoes when we just said tomatoes are not onions...

God, how I miss onions too...

saying :
- BG1 and 2 had 6 man parties
- DOS 1 and 2 had 4 man parties
- BG3 have 4 man parties
- so this point makes feel BG3 closer to DOS than BG.
This is not a COMPLAIN, this is a FACT.
This not an OPINION, This is a analysis.
You denying it, just show how stubborn you are.