I agree that the d20 makes a lot of checks feel random and easy to fail even if you made a charismatic character. And you not having fun continuously failing checks is valid feedback.
I made this point in some other thread, but something missing from BG3 compared to PnP is: group checks. Often, in PnP D&D, party members will work together on conversation checks which mechanically gives advantage on the check. This is not present in BG3, and unclear if it will be present. Advantage is incredibly powerful, and would allow you to succeed on checks ~50% more often.

Also, of course, Larian should
-implement degrees of failure: failure by 1 leads to a different outcome compared to failing by 10
-make failing more fun, as they claimed they were trying to do.

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Does she ever attempt to lock the child up? Lets just walk through this one and see what I may have been referencing.

I've mostly stopped following your conversation with robert, but yes Kagha is clearly intending to lock the child up. See subtitles https://youtu.be/lJ1g13BMxB8?t=15 and https://youtu.be/lJ1g13BMxB8?t=33

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