I'll include duplicates here for completion sake. It may be that for some items written as "add such or so", it is already in the game and I simply have no clue how to find it. In those cases, feel free to read those lines as "clarify how to such or so".

Some possible enhancement that would improve my gaming experience:
* Having a warning indicator when a jump would cause falling damage.
* Have a warning indicator when jumping down that the distance is too great to jump back from.
* Having a "wait here" command to prevent party members from moving / following.
* Having an action bar that is not bound to the active character, onto which powers from any/all characters can be dragged, allowing those powers to be activated without having to switch characters.
* Options to keybind all actions, for example jump, help, or shove.
* Ability to rise/lower the camera to different floors.
* Ability to add a sequence of actions. For example: setting multiple movement points to navigate past a trap; to cast a spell, followed by an attempt of hiding again; or to hold an action until the main character attacks.
* Ability to set routing behaviors such as "stick to the shadows", "avoid hazards" or "take risks".
* Option to have the party stop movement on any ability check that would uncover a hazard.
* Having a key that only skips to the next cinematic sentence, as opposed to also activating conversation options that follow.
* Having an story-wise indicator that "sleeping is not bad".
* More clarity on whether or not it is bad to "read a book" that is owned by another. Currently the "read" option is marked red, yet I see no negative response when reading.
* An option to have a character flee from combat entirely.
* Having non-armor clothing options with visual effects; having non-armor clothing options that combine with armor, for example a surcoat.
* Having a way to view all character abilities; currently I have no clue how to show some of the passive class options, or weapon proficiencies.
* Having a warning that a conversation option would influence NPC appreciation, possibly bound to an insight check.
* Having a way to show descriptions of properties shown on tooltips; for example "versatile" shown on a weapon tooltip.
* Having a way to improve bartering prices.
* Having Fiend Sight negate the Darkness spell's blindness.

A few potential bugs I noticed:
* Great Weapon Master's description does not rule out heavy ranged weapons like the heavy crossbow, yet it is not applied on the heavy crossbow.
* The log is still at the top when expanded only after multiple messages have already been printed.
* It is possible to cast an offensive spell on the ground. When targeting an opponent, a click that misses the opponent will waste the spell.

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