- BG1 and 2 had 6 man parties
- DOS 1 and 2 had 4 man parties
- BG3 have 4 man parties
- so this point makes feel BG3 closer to DOS than BG.
This is not a COMPLAIN, this is a FACT.
This not an OPINION, This is a analysis.
You denying it, just show how stubborn you are.

The second you bring 'feels like' into the equation it does infact not make it fac but an opiniont. People experiences things differently. And feelings just as opinions are very personal. People can agree or disagree with opinions but dont say that something is fact when it is not.

Just saying that it FEELS like DOS 3 rather then BG3 is something the developers cant do anything with. They cant bottle the baldurs gate 'feel'. Nor would increasing the party size to 6 man make it a bg game.