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Oh yeah, Kagha is the absolute worst but that is by design. especially when you find her back ally deals and motivation. I'm sorry if I buried the lead; i wasn't trying to paint Kagha in a sympathetic light.

Bury the "lede" btw smile

I don't think you painted it incorrectly, I was just saying that from my point of view, and what she tells drow players after the fact, that it wasn't a very accidental scenario with a snake acting on instinct. Its HER snake. There was 1% of her that thought the child might walk away alive haha. From what I took out of the scenario and based on the influences she is under at least ^.^

What is the problem you are solving? Does your proposed change solve the problem? Is your change feasible? What else will be affected by your change? Will your change impact revenue? Does your change align with the goals and strategies of the organizations (Larian, WotC)?