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90% sure this will be added in the game later. Not for awhile though as we're in the testing phase.

As far as AC and hp bloat goes. Fix resting and then they can put the values back to normal. I do enjoy hitting more, but if the encounters stay the same length it's one half a dozen or the other. Although I could maybe see a meta happening with everyone having magic missile. Depends how they'll handle casters in future changes

This ^^^. Larian could quite realisticallty please both DDOS barrel mages and core D&D fans. It is only a question of tweeks in the code.

Second ponit is extremely good. Because you can rest "at camp" anywhere at any point even bloated HP makes little difference. If you rest in a dungon you need supplies of food and stuff otherwise you starve. You need 1lb of food per character a day otherwise you become....dead. You also run the risk of being attacked by monsters/law enforcement while camping depending on how naughty you are. Resting in the underdark is REALLY brown trouser time.

If the rest mechanics were changed and HP bloat was removed this would make it really good. I agree some mechanics are wonky like entire maps aggro from a stealth attack nobody saw or jumping beans etc. These will obviously be fixed as they have stated in the megathreads. Killing 5 gobins with a lv 3 magic missile or fireball is fine because the REST mechanics are currently allowing you to refresh spells so quickly. If you need supplies for every rest and were attacked when you rested in dungeons etc. it would make it significanly more D&D feeling.