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How is Alfira dying and Volo being put in a cage rewarding. Is killing origin characters when you meet them rewarding?

Isnt it obvious? I dont like either of them ...

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I take killing the Goblins or everyone at the Druid Grove as par for the course.

Sure, but that is only one group ... we were talking about "kill everyone" ... meaning all 3g roups.

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So deep! You can kill every NPC in the game! Wow what a well thought out mechanic

What is the feedback value of a comment like this? If you want to vent use twitter or something.

Its basic rule of trolling ... i say something is good, so he must say its bad.
And when i dont say something, he would not care, pretend that i did, and then being against it.

I would not recomend search for some depth in this.

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Now are we actually good? I was going for chaotic neutral but whole my motivations may differ the end result is the same as with my good aligned wizard.

And does it even matter? smile
It sounds like fun, and everything was "acording to character" wasnt it?
I only wish more people here would undestand that ... frown

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!