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Good job on compiling these points. Hopefully this will be the place where all such discussions are redirected so we don't have a new post every day regarding one or more of these issues.

As to the points themselves, there should be no surprise that there are a lot of parallels. It would be wasteful for them to change certain things just to be different (e.g. 49, 38, 35). Some are wrong (e.g hotbar UI). A good amount we can expect (or at least hope) to change (e.g 7, 8, 14, 15 and so on). Some are so subjective as to be meaningless (e.g 1). Moreover, a lengthy list can also be compiled that shows why BG3 doesn't feel like DOS2.

I hope they undo a lot of their "homebrew" changes that ruin combat (bonus actions, surface effects, monster stats, cantrips, food healing, etc.) but that will mean redesigning every encounter in the game. If all they've created so far is Act 1, maybe that's doable. If they're working on Acts 2 and 3 already though, I suspect they won't put forth that effort and instead will try to tweak the balance and we'll be stuck with this stuff. Keep in mind that the guy in charge of combat apparently thinks BG1/2 combat was garbage and seems to have a huge hard-on for annoying surface effects, so I doubt we'll see anything major change unless he's fired.