Yes, +1 to OP and everyone who wants a damn day/night cycle and weather. As of now, even though the world Larian crafted is visually stunning, it feels too stale, too safe.

You've got no idea how disappointing it is to rest with the knowledge you won't be beset by bandits, or ambushed by any other beastie out there. As of now, there is absolutely no danger in resting after every fight. Why would you short rest when long rest is much better? It all needs some rebalancing. Not to mention racial abilities like darkvision (or the spell) could actually become useful outside of dungeons/the Underdark.

But the biggest disappointment of it all is: Larian has stated multiple times they aren't planning on implementing day/night cycle in the game. I do hope that we can get them to reconsider. I mean, very old games, archaic by today's standards had day/night cycles, hell, even some semblance of a weather (both BGs, both Icewinddales, both NWNs and the list goes on). It can't be that hard to change some visuals, add a clock and make some racial skills activate on night time. Mind you, I know nothing about game development, so I could be entirely wrong about the 'hard' part.