Not to mention that the argument "missing too much is no fun"

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And you know what to do when you’re missing way too much?
Cast faerie Fire!!!


I'm still in the this can be improved camp. Like @soul-scar we could have a 'core' rules mode. But it needs to be the default, not the alternative. One of the problems with having this game made by people who only recently discovered 5th ed (as opposed the long times fans at the early Bioware / Black Isle / etc) is this misunderstanding of the "to hit" thirst. Tabletop players drool over +5 weapons. Drool drool over 17th level feat. Repeat the +12 hackmaster jokes. Why? Because those items / feats give you a better chance to hit.

This is unlike DOS where you hack away at an oak with a handaxe. In DOS2 think I only missed a few times near the end game because I didn't understand weapon level. Otherwise I always had something like 95 percent chance to hit all the time.