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Again, I’m not against you wanting to go all out Armageddon

In one of my seven playthrough. So far. laugh
As i sayd ... Only a Sith deals in absolutes. wink

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Like I said, why not slaughter the Druids, hand over the grove to the Tieflings, then corrupt and bring them into the collective of the Absolute?

Im not against it at all ... O_o
On the contrary, i would like to see civillians chased in that prison ... and when that fight will be over i would let your character to decide if they are going to be eaten by Goblins, or sold to slavers, or maybe sacrificed to the Absolute prehaps, or even set to be free ... or "set to be free" chased by goblins. >:]
There is enouch place for many forms of evil. wink

Seem like interesting idea, not sure how much it fits to rest of the story tho ... but that is up to Larian ... also i recomend to send somewhere else, feddback you have on launcher prehaps, bcs here it probably will be forgotten really quick. :-/

I was just talking about our previous conversation earlier ... wink

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I don't know how to tell you this my guy, but Volo is one of the most enduring characters in all of Dungeons and Dragons and Alfira is almost guaranteed to be performing multiple songs throughout the full game considering the devs just reshoot her entire singing scene. That you do not like them does not change the fact that you lock yourself out of m huge amount of content by killing them. Volo will probably even come back on his own so I assume you will keep trying to kill him over and over again then. Go you, I suppose. You seem to be exactly the kind of person Larian had in mind when they designed the evil path.

As David Lister once said:
I never wanna see or hear from that scum sucking, lying, weasel minded smeghead in my entire life.

In other words, yes i know i will lock myself out of "some" amount of content ... content that i would probably skip anyway.
Also i know who Volo is, but i never liked him ... anyway when you create anoying character it dont matter how "enduring" it is, or how many songs you prepared for her ... mainly its just anoying. :-/

Its same with Marigold (Dandelion in english i think, never understanded why they change names in different languages) from Witcher ... being in Gerald skin, he would not survive single episode. :-/
He anoying, useless, and prowide double throubles than help. :-/

Im not sure why are we discussing this ... im happy i get rid off them ...
You are not, therefore you would probably not killing them.
Everyone happy? smile

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!