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If you are asking "how is this skimpy armor supposed to be effective?" then you clearly didn't account for the fact that the armored parts are the only points we men can focus at.

It would actually be funny if there was some sexy robes or something in the game that gives disavantage to humanoid male characters attacks devil
Anyway, the city of baldurs gate at least should have a shop for all our clothing needs smile

I wonder what clothes Mizora will wear when we find her. She's a demon, sukuub?
Let sexy clothes / armor be present in the game, but only where it is appropriate and does not interfere with the immersion.

I am worried about the Shadow Heart armor from the official art, so it is sexy, although not frank. I want to get it for my Shadow Heart. Cool armor for Shar's cleric!

While Shadow Heart's sexuality isn't armor at all, she's quite cute in nature and has a pretty face and teenage goth voice.

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Minthara is the best character and she NEEDS to be recruitable if you side with the grove!