Its a valid point.

Much of the thread is this person debating 8 different people about how the current choices are fine as they are and constantly pushing the idea that being evil is all about betrayal and killing people whenever and wherever.

He has stated before he hopes that Larian does not implement any of the changes that people are suggesting.
But I said... why.
Even if Larian does implement everything people suggest he can still do everything he wants.
Attack and kill whomever he wants so his resistance and the current debate going on is pointless.
Especially considering the fact as it has been raised by several people this person makes up their story as they explain their preference.
So there is no need to worry about changed voice acted dialogues or cinematics events.

The whole point of the post was to put the whole debate for the past... 5 pages? Into perspective.

I find your post kind of interesting though.
Did my emoji joke go so far? Really? I mean this guy has called me demented and has used other slurs. Right now the front page is 4 or 5 different threads about nudity and fetishes.
But I went too far? Sigh... ok I guess...

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