I dont know all DMs, just how I do, but here is a sample of my notes. I usually write about 5000-6000 words per session and try to accomodate what will happen. Its not a lot different than writing a game:

- By this time its evening and cold and muddy. Ardred shouts out that Gristle Pete is cookin some grub and dinner'll be in an hour so make yourselves comfortable. If the doors upstairs have a key on them, that means you can have it. They aren't charging for the few brave souls who make it out here these days.

- If they help Gristle Pete he'll bitch about the rats always scratching down below. Always banging and hissing and makin whispering noises.

- They'll be able to hear the scraping and hissing if they get closer to the west side of the warehouse at a DC10.

- DC10 with thieves tools to get in the main door. The noises are coming from the north. Perception check of 15 will reveal a secret panel to the north that is not quite closed.

- If they don't have at least 3 people over 13 stealth, the lizard folk will close the door and go under the secret trap door (perception 20 (finds it and they'll notice at 25 some of the boxes and bags have small purple lines drawn onto them. Opening them reveals jewels. Each one will have about 300 gold worth of coin and jewelery in them, investigation 15). Though a DC 15 will let them hearing slow breathing beneath the floor.

otherwise those with darkvision will see shadowy forms in the dark, grey outlines, hard to make out. Perception check (12, see that they have tails)

- Most likely fight at that point.
*after fight ardred will come running in*

- Will be furious this was happening and thank them, saying they've more than earned their keep. Goes over to a chest in the corner and unlocks it with a key at his hip and counts out 50gp for them. Says he wishes he had more, but its a road repair operation.

Depending on if they've seen the sword on Bog Luck, or if they show the cape / mask / signs they have from the dragon cult, Bog Luck will be confronted - death or something Ardred finds appropriate. Hes actually pretty damn smart, and will spill the beans, knowing this to be something without a good outcome. Ardred will order one of the group, since they seem to know about the cult, to go to his room with a guard. They'll see his books on philosophy and nature studies and get the gist that hes actually pretty smart. Under his bed they find a simple chest with 100gp in it, and Ardred will split it with them.

**What he spills**
- He had joined with the cult a few years ago, mainly because they gave him money for looking after a slimey tunnel that no one had touched in years. Used to be a drain for the swamp, but they built the warehouse over it. About 6 months ago, though, he was told people would come to him from time to time, and to mark the goods and put it in the room over the tunnel. Hes been here longer than anyone and no one but him knew about the room. He swears, and is honest, that he has no idea who had been taking it and thought it was just some silly thing they were doing. If he had known it was the lizard folk he would have turned them over immediately.**

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