If you dont mind ... this person would like to defent itself.
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Much of the thread is this person debating 8 different people about how the current choices are fine as they are

This part is true.

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and constantly pushing the idea that being evil is all about betrayal and killing people whenever and wherever.

This whole time hes telling you it depends on your character ...
When you play chaotic evil, its fine as it is ... and he specificly told you, that if you are missing any options to fit your character better, that should in his opinion content of your sugestions. O_o

You two even agreed on paige 2, or 3, that take some prisoners would be great idea. O_o

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He has stated before he hopes that Larian does not implement any of the changes that people are suggesting.

And he still do ...
He dont mind adding options, he mind changing current options, since he likes them.

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Even if Larian does implement everything people suggest he can still do everything he wants.

He certainly hopes so. smile
He is glad you two can agree on something.

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I mean this guy has called me demented and has used other slurs.

Let him repeat himself:
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(Its not an insult, i just cant find more fitting word in this language ... In my language, this word means to set the initial attributes so that any observer of the phenomenon cannot in any case have a different result than desired one.)

Now let him provide a proof: https://cs.wiktionary.org/wiki/dementovat

And finaly let him provide and appology ... he honestly mean what he said, it was never ment to be insult. frown
He is sorry. (I checked!)

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!