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Dragon Age had frozen in time maps and it was incredibly strange to return to such stagnating maps.

DA2 kiiinda had day'night cycle... but it was quite... inorganic? Still, it let you visit some locations at night and see the difference.

It's so sad Larian are opposed to dynamic world, it seems to go against some of their design goals for BG3 and it's just lots of wasted potential on so many aspects of the game... Visuals, atmosphere, immersion, mechanics, creative problem solving, world reactivity...

Yeah...I skipped the second one
I was thinking about the 3rd Dragon Age and being welcomed by the same god-rays every time etc

I really wish Larian the best so they can grow with this project, it's a good opportunity to add even more depth to the freedom we already have in the game.
And Larian likes fire, fire looks great at night.

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