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My counterpoint is this line. Does this sound like druids to you? How is the "simple solution" not to help these people on their way?

Based on bg2 lore it's not surprising to see druids in this case where they get corrupted and do stupid shit.

I mean kagha indeed is presented in a very strange way. Like you really need to explore to find yourselves reasons to help her. Even if you are " evil" you're not stupid. Killing refugees from hell (you're evil so for all that matters you don't care if you side with demons) doesn't give you anything. In theory.

But one of the thieflings in the village can give you a soul coin and reveals she's chased by a demon. Raphael gets in contact with you. I can see it coming where in ACT 2 you end up going to Avernus and someone is like " Oh you killed those guys that ran off? We're friends now. "

I remember there was this quest in BG2 with the circle of druids. Same shit, druids going crazy killing everyone around them. Not sure why they were doing it but if i forgot why it must have been something among the lines of ' we are baaaad". The only difference being kagha doesn't kill innocent people. She needs someone else to do it for her. And tbh no one knows if they are innocent.

Clearly Kagha doesn't make it easy to understand her, doesn't let you close enough to start thinking " she might be right". But deep inside her heart she doesn't believe she's right too so ... it makes sense to some extent. It's a really strange quest and I have to admit it feels like something is missing. But I think that's PRECISELY because something is missing. Like the whole city of Baldur's Gate XD

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.