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To be clear, this is not for stating changes to the base rules of 5e or even decrying some of these elements. This is to create a master list of all the....
1. Choice of color palette
74. Main theme music (credit to Endolex for demonstrating the audible difference a BG based theme would sound like -> https://soundcloud.com/endolex/baldurs-gate-iii-alternate-main-menu-arrangement)

I see mainly positive points or irrelevant things or small inconveniences.

Why would Larian need to make a 1:1 copy of an outdated, 18 years old game? And before you attack me with your fedora hats and pointless arguments, yeah, I said it - BG 1&2 is not even close to Divinity 1&2 and to Pillars of Eternity 1&2 for that matter, its inferior to new age RPG games, in story, in characters and game mechanics, sure it was revolutionary back then (although fallout still had better everything, except magic and fedora hats), but not now.

Lockpicking progress bar, pfff, get a life.

To me BG3 feels like an outdated game, it has annoying party movement, additional breaks/clicks/pauses where they should just let the game flow and the battles are boring.

Yes even BG2 is more modern in many aspect than this, but it was made 20 years ago.