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Wow!! People get worked up over the smallest things these days............Its a game and you can be a cleric of a "good" deity and still be a murder hobo because your choice of a god is just fluff for this game......same goes for male drow being clerics of the spider queen......its fluff. If it bothers you then don't play one

It bothers people because it shows how little Larian cares about FR lore. Although its very possible that this is just possible because of early access. Its not as if it can't be easily implemented.
And at least in other D&D games I know clerics (paladins, monks) lost their powers when their alignment changed to something not compatible.

Its not disrespecting lore, its assuming that people wont be butthurt by something they can chose not to do. Like.. if you dont want YOUR male drow to serve Lolth... don't? Rather than insisting that someone else not be able to do it.

My remarks in this thread are not aimed at players but at Larian.

So far, from my perspective, one of the core strenghts of BG3 is the attention to details to character interaction depending on what your origin is.

Example : if you're a Gith, Shadowheart freaks out with whole different dialogue lines.

Such detail is what I would wish for a Male Drow Lolth cleric from Larian. For example, make drow NPC and some other NPC notice how unique you are and react accordingly. Drow lolth worshipping females want to kill you, Shadowheart and Gale have some dialogue lines ask you how you could become a cleric despite the "gender", etc.
*Maybe such feature is already in, or work in progress? I won't know, I didn't play further with this character.

Not just a character creation interface.

Drizzt is "awesome" because he is a character with story, background. My Trizzt good drow ranger character will suck because he is not.

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