I just want to say that this is just my opinion and that I don't intend to offend anyone if you disagree with my thoughts. I just want people to understand where I and people like me are coming from and why we like checks. And YES Larian CAN do better in many of the checks. There is always room for improvement. Some peoples previous suggestions for how a sequence of events could be altered are great and I hope Larian improves some of them.

That said . . I love the checks and the game so far, I don't mind when things don't go as planned, and I also don't mind reloading once in a blue moon if something really doesn't work out as I expected (typically if the choice I select causes my character to do something I didn't intend). But 98% of the time I just go with the flow.

Nearly every other game out there gives you a simple pass if you meet a certain threshold. And what does everyone do . . . put points into charm or whatever and bingo, pass Every Single Check. Its boring and pointless. Just make it an interactive story and be done with it. And I love interactive stories . . . they have their place!

But I want an adventure! . . . one where I don't know what's going to happen . . . one where my hero tries to influence things as best he can based on the skills I've given him. And I'm so excited that Larian is so far providing this adventure.

With regards to the Kagha situation. It absolutely makes a more interesting, dramatic, and impactful story if the child dies. It sets up Kagha as a villain, it gives you reason to take the quest to assassinate her, gives reason for the other druids to turn on her when she is exposed, and leads to dramatic events later if she survives until Halsin's return. I do suspect that Larian intended this result but threw in the option to save the kid for those who wanted it.

If you really want to influence these events then you build a character who has the skills and buff them with guidance, etc. And you can buff your stats AFTER beginning the conversation. So failing to pre-buff really isn't a concern here.

But if the child is saved by being released . . what is Kagha? A mildly annoying character. There is very little motivation to have her removed. Sure she plans to close the grove, but that doesn't impact your character, you are just looking for a healer and moving on. The Teiflings are leaving the grove one way or another regardless.

We don't read novels where nothing bad ever happens . . . why do we want a game like that?

Honestly I'd love Larian to troll us and alter the Kagha conversation so that if you Pass the check the child dies, but if you fail you save her. A few checks where 'success' clearly generates a bad result would teach players that they need to consider if they want to attempt the check in the first place. In a way the tadpole checks are kind of like this . . . you can pass whatever check its for but . . . bad things are going on in your head and there are likely consequences.

Also for many checks . . . they are meant to be a last resort. You are having to make the check because you didn't resolved the situation already or are attempting a risky activity that perhaps you shouldn't be doing. The injured mind flayer is an great example. Its super risky to talk to a mind flayer . . . and if you do there is a good chance it will kill you. The sensible thing is to kill it (preferably before killing the poor fisher people) and not talk to it.

Making the mistake, failing the roll, and getting a 'game over' is a great learning experience that this game is serious! You have to think about what you are doing. Again most other games have conditioned us that we can 'ask every question' and 'select every option' and there will be zero consequences. Baldur's Gate 3 is NOT like that. Larian has provided us with a range of options . . . some of which are BAD and should be avoided.

Combat is serious . . . just walking into combat will frequently result in death. Yet few people complain about the chance of dying from combat. You expect to plan ahead, scope out your options, and be very careful before engaging in combat. You need to do the same thing in conversation.

And there are often more options than people realize. Rescuing the guy in the burning building for example, even if you fail the check there is another way after that to save him (that doesn't require checks).

Larian has made a more complex game than many of us appreciate. I've screwed up many times over my playthroughs only to later learn of better alternatives I could have taken. That is one of the things I love about the game.

I'm sure Larian will provide a Story Mode like they did for their other games that will allow you to pass checks. But you really are doing yourself a disservice. Think ahead, make the hard decisions, accept and react to events as they play out. Live the adventure! Its more rewarding in gaming and in life for that matter!

Baldur's Gate 3 is off to such a bold and wonderful start! I want to see that continue.

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