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Nope. Retain the skill check system, failure is interesting.

Seems to me the OP and those who agree with him is approaching this from a bit of a compulsively perfectionist mindset. Something I struggle with too tbh. Alongside Larian's obvious efforts to make failure less binary/more interesting from a roleplaying stance (that critics here, alas, seem unappreciative of), perhaps there should be even more done in this regard:

1. Optional hidden rolls. Compulsive perfectionist player is unaware of having failed a roll thus won't be triggered to save scum. Ignorance is bliss.
2. More generous award of dice re-roll mechanic linked to difficulty level/optional difficulty.

I must admit though alongside the authority of ILLITHID WISDOM and Larian's interesting roleplaying failure, I have less sympathy for the weak minded save scummers (and I include myself in this category). However! I would really like Larian remove option to save in the middle of combat, given the very binary rng-nature of D&D - it is way too tempting to save scum.

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