I'd still suggest tapping some more forum moderators.

The EA for BG3 isn't even a month old yet, but the BG3 sections have like 70,000 posts already. The BG3 feedback section is almost twice as large as that of DOS2. Active threads frequently push to the second page and third page within an hour.

They really should try to get ahead of it, so they can hold onto all these peeps trying to provide serious feedback, before they just start dissappearing into the aether.

Prompts for guided feedback in the form of stickies would help, since there's a lot of reduplication of topics in the General and Feedback sections. Right now each section only has like 1 or 2 pins. I'd recommend targeting like a half a dozen pins or more, in each section, and creating new forums sections when needed with specific stubs/subjects in mind.

The current sections are too broad and trying to be too comprehensive with too much overlap. Better to have more targeted sections with more pins in each so people can see the major topics right away, rather than having to fish back several pages of threads to find the subject they want to discuss, or just creating a new thread for subjects already discussed at length.

It should just be a given that posts during EA are likely to contain spoilers, and basically everything right now falls under the suggestions/feedback heading.

I'd say creating new threads for hot topic discussions and pinning them might be simpler in some cases than searching for existing threads to pin.

Once pinned the thread/subject will draw plenty of attention I'd wager, and probably some reposts or copy/paste jobs from existing threads. But that's fine. Its more about just carving out some pinned spaces at the top of each section, with thread titles that are descriptive and focused, so hopefully people post there instead of creating new threads.

Here are some more ideas...

"My Feedback after the first playthrough"

There are many many threads with this title or something similar, and each new thread pushes and buries all the others. The more such threads there are, the less likely any of them actually get read. We could just have a single pinned thread with that as a title for people to drop their massive feedback missives.

That's a very generic type of sticky thread, others might be more specific. Maybe Fighter feedback, Thief feedback, Wizard feedback etc if trying to gather feedback related to class.

I still think an easy division might be between Story feedback (say for specific companions or quests, feedback in the plot/writing, Evil or Good playthrough and such) vs Gameplay/Mechanics type feedback (where threads could be organized by the related Char creation or UI elements.) Just an idea, its a bit of work, but I think it would help to really differentiate the forums sections as much as possible.


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