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Remember though guys this isn't a 1 to 1 port of the 5e ruleset. Its a game based on thee 5 E rules taking a pnp game and converting it into a 3D world.

If you want fully authentic there is tabletop simulator

Personally, the ability to get advantage on almost every attack makes advantage feel lackluster. Why even use Faerie Fire, when I can get on top of a hill and Guiding Bolt, or walk behind them and Inflict Wounds? Chances are that my allies don't need me to risk a spell slot and an action on a Spell save to give them advantage, when they can probably already get it for free.

But you wont always be able to start on the high ground without investment, like when you try to save the deep gnome. In situations like that Faerie Fire is really good. High ground adds more realism and tactical consideration's to combat. "Do i risk mist stepping Gale to try and blast the goblins off the hill, or is he gunna die?" "Man im glad i have shadowheart's group stealth to be able to position properly"

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