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I practice archery IRL and one thing that has always bugged the crap out of me in RPGs is how you can be an archer and take strength as your dump stat. You need to be quite strong to use upper tier bows. Not just to draw it but also to hold the bow at full draw long enough to aim and loose. There's really not much dexterity involved at all.

That said bows being DEX is so core to the DnD experience that I don't know if it'd be appropriate to change it, even if I agree bows should be strength based. Plus it'd throw off a lot of iconic races and their bonuses. Wood elves wouldn't be as good at using longbows as dwarves or half-orcs, which would be a bit weird.

Actually in 2nd edition of DnD there were STR bows and even BG1/BG2 does require STR 18 to be able to draw a Composite Bow.