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While I would like night cycles . . . . I only want them if they have some meaningful effect.

It's something I've read around a lot and I guess it's supposed to be deep and insightful, but the more I think about it, the less convincing I found it.

Because quite frankly even without ANY variation to NPC scheduling/placement it would be an added value even simply for introducing a more dynamic environment (variable lighting conditions, different monster encounters based on the time of the day, etc) and the mere notion of passing time, getting tired, needing a proper rest, etc.
What's hilarious to me is that Larian removed all these factors entirely... And now they are basically struggling to reintroduce them and give them some meaning in other forms (the fact that you can miss events if you rest at an inappropriate time to suggest we aren't frozen in time, your characters occasionally claiming to be "tired" (even if apparently unaffected by it), the convoluted instanced camping to suggest the passing of days and that a "night" exists", etc).

I would bet money its on their list of 'things we would like to do'. So hopefully it will happen.

Uh, no. Unless they'll change their mind (which is unlikely so late in production) it's literally on their list "We are not going to bother because it's a lot of work".

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It's primarily a game. Time limits never work very well for games (or aren't liked).

Limits and rules are what define a game.
Without restrictions that define the rules, you don't have a game but a toy.

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