You are right to raise concern over Larian's balancing and much of your input looks sensible to me. I would however question how transferable the conventional tabletop wisdom of assuming casters being strongest classes is.

Shadowheart, the full-caster Cleric, is the weakest companion by far and statistics shows she dies the most as well, martials Lae'zel and Astarion both excel. The Ranger is the most overpowered class in early access out of the box. The Wizard is eventually even stronger, but only due to Larian's rather haphazard implementation of magic items, coupled with what is currently an extremely unrealistic/unbalanced resting mechanic. Magic items such as the 18 intelligence headband and the Sapphire Sparks amulet that doubles the number of magical missiles is massively overpowered/unbalancing. Especially in a setting where decent non-magical and heavy armor doesn't even exist currently and especially once Evocation Wizards gets to add their spellcasting ability modifier in damage to each missile...and then upcasts the spell.

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