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Larian has made a more complex game than many of us appreciate.

Wait, wait, wait. I may be a good even an excellent game but "complex" ?
I wouldn't call a game with some random consequences "complex" !

Try a quantic dream game if you want something "complex".

Btw, quantic dream used a LOT of QTC, which share a LOT of unexpected consequences, and surprisingly I ever enjoyed them and accept them.
But yeah, I'm kind of a perfectionist mindset. Let's say I want to save the kids, so unless his death is crucial for the story, I would like to have the opportunity to sav her.

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If you really want to influence these events then you build a character who has the skills and buff them with guidance, etc.

Well, this is exactly what I did and this is exactly why I don't appreciate the current roll-dice. Cause I did and still failed A LOT. ^^"