Reasonably forgiving (and explicitly stated) time limits on some optional goals would make most games better, actually.
But it can be a hard sell because some people have something bordering a panic attack at the mere notion of facing one, it doesn't matter if it's a senseless reaction and any barely competent playthrough will have no issues.

For an example of a GOOD implementation, I loved that in Pathfinder Kingmaker you can get a HEFTY reward (the first +2 magic sword in the game) if you complete the first major goal in the game under a month.
This also encouraged the player to actually travel light and use the rest function only when necessary.

Then again Kingmaker is also an example of putting in the game HIDDEN time limits that could punish you unreasonably hard, even leading to a game over if you missed the deadline.
Which is bullshit and makes the whole thing a mixed bag.

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