Yeah, yeah demoulius you're completely right. Not stubborn at all.
Creators have no influence on their creation and developpers can't design.
You're the smart ass here and indeed I wont deal with you anymore after this last comment.

A guy did a list of difference so another could take this list and do exactly as Vaell said.
Sadly there are guys like you going crazy and trying to transform fact in feelings.
- a man is black
- a man is white
- a child is black
it's a fact the skin color of the child makes him looks like the first man. It's a thing that's"proved to be true". It's a fact, thank you for the definition.

So the child feels more like the black man childs. It's not a feeling coming out of nowhere, it's a feeling coming from a detail.

As you said, your friend didn't enjoy the movie as much as you because "he couldnt really pinpoint what it was".
The fact that he couldn't do it didn't mean there is no reason. On the contrary ! He feels there was reasons. Maybe it would have helped him if somebody did something like.... I don't know.... a list.
there is not such a thing as coincidence in life. Everything, every thougths, every choices we make, every feelings we have, are the results of an infinity of parameters.
We used the words "coincidence" or "luck" when we can't get them.

But you're right, I'm wrong.

Developpers have no brain, no analysis capacity to used a list of differences and more they have absolutely no control on the feelings we get from the game the are doing.
The horror movies are horror movies by pure luck, the star wars movies feel like star wars movies by pure luck, and BG3 will may be feel like BG or DOS or CoD or Minecraft or Sims just by pure coincidence cause... you know... "it's feelings and it's something the devs can't do anything with".

BTW, thx to you I realize I missjudged a miscellaneous minor items recently...
Some guys in my town tag a cross consisting of 4 gamma on some jewish graves.
I felt like it was an antisemitic act but... as you know... it's just a feeling and, as you say, the author of the tag can't do anything with...
So I must have been wrong and I realized it thx to you ! Thx you so much. For so long I thougth people had a responsibility concerning their actions. But now I realized they didn't have any at all.
It's just my feelings and, as you learn to me, they can't do anything with it.

You are so damn right.