Hello, everyone!

I come here to ask some questions about the translation of the game Divinity Original Sin that I am doing.
I maybe noticed some errors or bugs in the game, and I wanted to ratify how it would be right. So let's get down to business.

For now, there are only four things that I saw strange in the game and I wanted to make sure that everything is going well!

1. The Book "The Legionnaire Companion".
A book with that name, but when you read it, it is nothing more than "Crafting and Cooking with Maradino".
I simply changed the name of "The Legionnaire Companion" to the real one...

Did you check the Original File? A. Yes. And it also happens in the Original Archive.

I wanted to know if this is right, if it was a mistake that went unnoticed by the final game.

2. Destroying the Door in the Tutorial region
When using Zandalor Trunk's, the text spoken by the character is different from the text written above his head. The actual spoken text appears written in the Dialog Log below the screen.

This same error does not happen if you don't use Zandalor Trunk's.

Did you check the Original File? A. Yes. And it also happens in the Original Archive.


3. What is the problem with the Mission Log? The two initial missions, which appear right at the beginning, keep changing positions every time I press. I dont understand. Throughout the game, I believe this stops happening, but at the beginning there is a huge mess.

4. Katarina, the Fair. Hahaha
"Well, I'm Katarina the Fair, fairest first lady of the fair, of course."
There are many meanings for "Fair" in Brazil. Could you rewrite the sentence using other words?

I believe it is just that, for now...
Sorry for bad English. Stay in peace!


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