Hope, this is the right thread. Also english is not my native language, so please be kind to me trying to express myself here. laugh

1) I´am OCD person, so I would really like the hotbar to be divide by abilities, spells, items, potions and scrolls. Lot of times I missed new trick just because it was behind some scrolls and potions. (In my second run I´am more organised)

2) In the inventory I would like to sort my items by price, weight and so on.

3) It would by really greath if all the characters went into stealth mode if they are in the group together

4) This ones are just for fun in the camp...
a) sending items in the camp... Books go to books, potions go to some potions rack, weapons to weapons rack and so on
b) i would really like to throw the bone (of my enemies) to Scratch
c) there is this chapel/ruin in the camp and I picked up a lot of paintings ... I would like to hang them on the walls
d) also I would like to make some altar to the gods (I have the statue of Selune to iritate Shadowhart)

5) And because I´m OCD and a collector... I would like to collect things in the game (but this is also purely optional and for fun)

The game is amazing and I love it more and more, cant wait for the whole act 1 and act 2 and 3.