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Cant believe people say failure is interesting. YES IT IS IF a new quest line opens, the story evolves a different path, you get some kind of bonus to incoming combat, more interesting dialogue options, changes to your character/inner reflection...
Right now most FAILURES lead to either COMBAT or no extra info; failed attempt at something, the END.
Wow, very interesting and fun indeed. Ill just reload that.

No, failure leads to the "default path" you'd have gotten even if you didn't roll. (in 99% of the cases)

You are trying to change a situation to your advantage, or avoid combat etc. Emphasis on "trying". This is the same as in a tabletop session. The DM sets a scene with an expected path. Then the players challenge the scene and might chose a different path. Their choices affects things. It can work, it can speed up their demise, the dice roll decide.

I have yet to have any situation where I feel the dice roll has lost me content or progress. It's just there to give me a slightly different experience.

The alternative is "You don't have high enough skill to choose this option" style that we see in Fallout for instance. I find that to be a lot less interesting to be honest.