You were pretty spot on with your tittle smirk

There does need to be a formation system, but certainly not one like DOS2. It would be nice to be able to select how my characters run along, in a straight line or some other formation (of course that is not a solution to pathing by itself).

Sometimes a character takes a random path and I have to quickly try to select the correct F key, and sometimes the character just doesn't respond and is dead set on running right at an enemy to start combat or run into a trap.

It doesn't help that Larian decided to put traps/vines/poison clouds on a lot of locations. The vines so far have been the worst for me.

The worst instance by far was at the wet lands were Kagha was suppose to have a meeting by the tree with Astarion in my party, trying to keep him away from vines and water at the same time. Absolutely dreadful.

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