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Cant believe people say failure is interesting. YES IT IS IF a new quest line opens, the story evolves a different path, you get some kind of bonus to incoming combat, more interesting dialogue options, changes to your character/inner reflection...
Right now most FAILURES lead to either COMBAT or no extra info; failed attempt at something, the END.
Wow, very interesting and fun indeed. Ill just reload that.

The problem with this is that, in the scenario discussed here, that people stop at "child dies", and don't play it out to see if there's anything interesting or not. There are things that are interesting, but because they aren't immediate, they may as well not exist. The problem is "instant gratification". You see, the goal is to remove Kagha, not necessarily kill her. There are other ways to go about that, and anyone that's doing any actual exploring in that section will find at least one. Of course, it requires some work to achieve, and that may well turn some players off. But a method exists.