Skill check failures in dialogue are great in tabletop because its in tabletop. The DM can tailor situations to the failure, creating a new "path" on the spot. It's there to allow for more variety and more interesting things to happen. So far instead of giving you new interesting content, thus making failure desirable in some way, it just locks you out of it. Or has no effect. Making it kinda pointless to roll for it.

In BG3, a game, the outcomes are pre-determined. Skill check failures don't really lead to anything interesting. Or new paths. Plus you can bypass that with just... selecting the non skill option when its there. Really it usually feels like the game goes "Oh... ok..." when you do that.

And yeah I spend 10-20 minutes quick loading when I fail skill checks till I realized you can bypass a good amount of stuff by picking the non skill options.

The death of the child can also be interesting as someone mentioned, in destroying the camp. But you can also just... choose to let them die and not require the skill check failure. Or well risk succeeding to let them live.

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