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You inspired me and I decided to try to recreate the druid grove at night. Below is the result. I think it looks kinda neat despite me being straight up incompetent when it comes to photoshop.

Original screenshot:

At night version:

Pretty cool! Druid grove would be so atmospheric at night.

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It's also funny as an excuse, because frankly even "doing it half assed" would still be leagues better than not doing it at all because "too difficult".

I think the excuse is multiplayer and wonky time flow when some characters are in real time and some in turn-based. But imo that's a shit excuse.

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P.S. I'll say it outright: if I were offered the option to delay the final release by six months only to include a decent day/night cycle and resting system, I'd take it without a second of hesitation.

Yes. 100%. It just adds so much to so many aspects of a game.

I'm strongly against time limits though. It's fine for some game types, but not something I'd enjoy in an RPG. (I guess BG1-style deadlines were fine. You knew the deadline and it was quite generous. It also didn't prevent you from exploring and taking your time outside of the specific timed quest.)