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I like the way it's done in Witcher 3 - if you arrive in a settlement at night, people will be asleep and you'll have to meditate as well, if you want to talk to the blacksmith. While that may seem inconvenient at times, it also makes the world feel so much more alive along with dynamic weather.

If you compare the worlds of DAI and Witcher 3 - which one feels more organic to you? And as we know there are some among us who would argue that Witcher is not even an RPG, I for one think it's environment is one of the best examples of how an RPG world should feel like.

Yeah, scheduling tied to the night/day cycle.
Ultima VII did this stuff in 1992 -and I'm not even sure it was the first- and since then it's a staple in most (good) RPGs.

But Larian people seems to be way more fond of their "frozen in time" design approach, despise the fact that a day/night cycle was already something that they promised (and then never delivered) at the time of the Original Sin 1 kickstarter.
Somehow they seem to think that the concept of passing time, having a dynamic world, etc. is not worth the work.

Which is bizarre, given how much time Swen VIncke spent in the past saying that Ultima VII was his role model of an ideal RPG and where he wanted to go given the budget.
Now they are doing an RPG with a budget that would put even some Bioware production to shame, but just removing more and more expected features as the time goes.

Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN