I just love how, in a thread titled "List of why BG 3 feels like DoS 3" people get upset about how it feels to someone else. I'd quote some, but the absolute mess of some of the posts would take forever to clean up, and if I'm going to be a copy editor, I'll need to get paid for it.

So clearly we cannot have a BG game where the PC is captured, in a cell, at the beginning of the game, because DOS did it. Wait, that can't possibly be right, can it? Didn't we already have a BG game that starts out that way? In fact, aren't there actually 2? Doesn't Dragonspear start out the same way? Then there's BG 2 as well, right?

We also clearly can't have a BG game where we get the bulk of our companions early. Oh, wait, that can't be right either, because, yet again, we have not one, but two games where that happens, Dragonspear and BG 2. "but Rob, we meet more companions later". Hey, that's a very valid point, we do, at least in BG 2, can't say for Dragonspear. Of course, the problem with this argument should be blatantly obvious, should be, but apparently it's not: We had the full game then, we don't now. Now if one has some insider information about how the rest of Act I, Act II and Act III play out, do share. If not, this doesn't seem to be a very valid point.

But 6 man parties! Yeah, that was definitely an option, but what about those of us that did solo runs in BG/BG 2? Were we suddenly not playing BG any more? What about those of us that played in MP with only 4 players, and no NPCs? Were we doing it wrong? Are you really telling me "Look Rob, you can't play BG w/out having a party size of 6"? Could we have more party members? Sure, why not. However, none of the conversations I've ever had about BG were focused on the number of characters in the party, until I came here. We did talk about the characters themselves, but not the number of people that were required in the party to make it a BG game, until I came here. You know what that honestly tells me? That it's not the party size that's the issue, it's here. It's fine that one believes "it doesn't feel like a BG game", but in that vein, telling someone else "it's not about the feelings, it's fact" is counterproductive, and I've laid out exactly why right here in this post. It is about the feels, the topic title is pretty clear on that, right?

As a side note, providing feedback is the purpose of this sub forum. That doesn't mean, however, that one gets to provide their feedback, and nobody else is allowed to discuss it, because the discussion itself is also feedback. If one wants to provide that feedback free from other forum members responding to it, one can simply use the Feedback button on the launcher. It's private, and the only ones that will respond to it are, in fact, the developers.