I've read every single post in this thread( Believe me or not lol. You guys are talkative when it comes to BG vs DOS) and I'm missing one thing.
I think what you're trying to achieve is to make a list of " what does it mean to play bg". What exactly creates this feeling of " It's not what I expected". And since it's mostly a subjective thing it's gonna be hella difficult to decide which ones among those 70+ points are ignorable to a BG fan. Most importantly the way the forum works already does it for you.

Is my above assumption correct? I'm trying to prove it below.

You outlined the steps below :
"Step 1 - Was the 'thing' something that does exist in DoS?
Step 2 - Was the 'thing' something that is well known for existing in DoS?
Step 3 - Was the 'thing' something that does exist in BG?
Step 4 - Was the 'thing' something that is well known for existing in BG?
Step 5 - How often have I experienced the 'thing' being discussed?

1+2) I understand we will end up with a list of features that are similar between BG3 and DOS2. The one you created is already quite impressive.

2+3)Then we compare BG3 and BG2 to see if it was there. You kinda did it in the discussion altought not the way you imagined so let's say this is something that remains to be done.

5)Most of those will after me lead to discovering that QoL improvements over 20 years are more numerous than we imagined. We will be left with a few points which are things that should be addressed (and already are since they come from this forum and the hot topics are in a separate thread to make sure everyone sees them).

Example :

A)Not managing a quiver of 700+ arrows makes it feel " not like BG". Less micro. Less immersion. Less control. Those arrows appear from thin air? It's silly. But it means less clicking. Less clicking. It's actually better, I don't want to have to manage that. Ever. Despite the fact that I'm 100% conscious this is breaking my immersion every time my archer attacks. Some will agree, some will disagree.

B) Barrel mancy? Well we had off-screen fog mancy in BG.... yeah but it was a spell... And you could choose not to use it. It wasn't cheese. At least it was an immersive cheese. Wait...So barrels are an non-immersive cheese. We don't want barrels.

Based on the above, if someone feels it's a serious problem, they make a thread on the forum. If it ends up having countless pages and new answers popping off then clearly it's something to consider. A lot of people feel moved by the subject. If it gets forgotten...well... too bad.

A good example can be my thread about random encounters. Seemed important to me but Larian clearly is not going in that direction and most people reaction to the thread was "meh".

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.