We all get a feeling is a feeling and everyone can have different one, etc.
However this argument have is limits.

Because "feelings" don't pop-up out of nowhere. "feelings" result of a group of parameters and that is a fact.
"feelings" are the results of a lot of parameters. Some the devs have no control on it (like your pesonnal background, etc) and others they have control on it like... all the game design.

So, this thread have no more intention than compiling the parameters which participate to give the DoS feeling.
Nothing more.

People can argue about the pertinence of one or more of this parameters.
But, people should keep in mind than this post in NOT a complain post and is NOT a list of what should be modified.

This is not about "is this parameter a good one in the game ?" it's about "did this parameter participate to the DoS feeling ?" and that's all for this topic !

It's just a list of what participate to give the DoS feeling.
The OP didn't say all this parameters should be modified. He just said "here is a list of what makes BG3 feel like DoS.
And the list is pretty accurate.

Yep, the arrow management could be another paramater to add. Does it mean it have to be changed ? I don't think so but this is not the point of this topic.
The point is "arrows management" participate to the general feeling as for the random encounters.

It would be really more interesting to argue about this list than about should Larian do or not do it because this is not what this list is about.

We could too discuss about which points could change the feelings. It could be interesting as long as it doesn't become a argument over the ressources, the will, the difficulty, the time of Larian.
Just a pure and theorical discussion about it.