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Yep, the arrow management could be another paramater to add. Does it mean it have to be changed ? I don't think so but this is not the point of this topic.
The point is "arrows management" participate to the general feeling as for the random encounters.

It would be really more interesting to argue about this list than about should Larian do or not do it because this is not what this list is about.

We could too discuss about which points could change the feelings. It could be interesting as long as it doesn't become a argument over the ressources, the will, the difficulty, the time of Larian.
Just a pure and theorical discussion about it.

Put this way it makes way more sense. Definitely. I thought about it for a long time before publishing this post. And I think what we are trying to achieve is get an as objective as possible description of BG2 success.

Putting aside "The list" for now, it becomes more a question of what made BG BG?

Sven in one of his interviews said something very smart regarding this subject." I don't think what was in the game actually mattered. What materred is they redefined what is an RPG. And we have to do the same. Somehow."

I think he was correct. I played BG2 each year for +/- 15 years before I got bored.
I could spend hours listing all the things that made me redo the same game over and over. And hours listing reasons for which I won't install it again. The very same reasons for which I played POE2 once and will never come back to it again.

My point is If you add to BG3 everything that made BG2 great you will obtain a game from 2000 with 3d graphics.So there has to be more to it. We will discuss if further in details , point by point. But this is my starting point.

BG3 needs to give us something that no other title managed to provide us. Including BG2. I think those who see this game as DOS3 want the "WOW" effect. Cause that's what BG2 gave us. (And that's why Bioware cancelled BG3...).

Regarding Larian resources I couldn't agree more. It's for them to decide what they can or cannot do.

Regarding the list:
It will take time. I will give it a try later in the week probably to go through point 3+4. It's supposed to be a point by point statement so there's really nothing to discuss. It has to be done.

Then we can try to engage on #5 even if i have no idea how we're supposed to do it for now. I think we should replace this by " Was there something in BG2 that ISN'T present in BG3. ".

All of the above is more of the data for brainstorming.

All of this should lead to step #6 : Which of the items could/should be changed. Those are ...design decisions. They are subjective by nature. But that's why we are on this forum. Hopefully we will be able to agree on a list of bullet points.

Basically only step 6 is the start of the discussion.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.